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Lounge Of Indonesia Tourism, Besakih Temple, the holiest temple and mother of all temples in Bali Island, Bali. Over 1000 years ago this most important temple was built.

It is located on the highest slopes of Mount Bali, named Gunung Agung. We arrived at the parking lot, lined up with small shops selling souvenirs and clothes.

Some stores sell sarongs, and are also available for rent. I did not buy sarongs, but I just rented them for Rp. 10,000. Wearing a sarong is mandatory when it comes to Pura Agung Besakih. After I put on the sarong, I walked up to the counter.

Pura Besakih
As usual, admission rates vary. The cost of Rp. 40,000 for WNI and Rp. 60,000 for foreigners. Price includes a motorcycle taxi ride 1 way up to Pura Besakih.
If the tour is over and still want to use the services of Tukang Ojek.

To get down to the bottom of the payment counter, of course have to pay Ojek Rp. 10,000 more. Take a motorcycle taxi from the door of the counter to Pura Besakih approximately 10 minutes.

Ticket prices do not include fee for tour guide. After I paid the entrance fee, an employee of the counter gave me a local guide. And the local guide will explain about Pura Agung Besakih. When the tour is over, the tour guide will inform you about their tips, since admission does not include guide services.
Basukian Puseh Jagat
Before we entered the main temple, the guide began to tell about Pura Basukian Puseh Jagat, which according to him that this is the oldest temple from the 55 temples that are here. The temple was built in the 8th century.

Behind Besakih temple is located Mount Agung. The volcano erupted in 1963. For Hindus, Mount Agung is a sacred place. Some people believe that Mount Agung is the abode of the gods.

As a Tourist destination Besakih Temple is located at an altitude of approximately 900 meters above sea level.

Two statues standing side by side are the doorman's statue or Duvarapalas. Before the full moon, all the statues will be wrapped in a sarong.

The color of sarongs varies, but the color White and Yellow are the most important colors for Hindus. White Color means Clean and Clear. While the color Yellow means Prosperity or Success. And the color Black means Water.

Udeng headgear
Udeng headgear

The statue is wearing a yellow Udeng headgear, where this color for Hindus in Bali means Holly (suci), prosperity or success. And Udeng is the cover of balinese tradition.

A prayer ceremony at Pura.
A complex that has 55 temples. For those who want to ask for something certain to their ancestors then they go to Pura Kasta, and for those who want to pray to God, then they go to the Main Temple. The main temple is open to the public, for those who want to pray.

Besides very important, Pura Besakih area is also very active, it is due to various Hindu religious ceremonies held here throughout the year.

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Lounge Of Indonesia Tourism, Bandung is the capital city from West Java Province as well as the largest metropolitan city in West Java Province.
Bandung, West Java
The city that became the destination of tourism and education is the city with the third largest population after Jakarta and Surabaya. Bandung city has a long history.

Formerly the city is called Paris van Java or Paris city in Java because of its natural beauty. Bandung city is often also called the city of flowers because many flowers and trees that add to the beauty of natural panorama of Bandung.

In addition, the city of Bandung is also famous for the many malls and FO or factory outlet which became a favorite shopping place in Bandung.

In the present era, Bandung is increasingly famous for the hilarious behavior of mayor Ridwan Kamil in various social media accounts. The city with the best infrastructure in 2007 was named as the city's most creative city pilot project by the British Council.

Therefore, do not be surprised if the tourist destinations in Bandung and surrounding areas increasingly mushrooming from the start of natural attractions in Bandung, children's attractions in Bandung, culinary attractions in Bandung to romantic attractions in Bandung.

And, here are some tourist attractions in Bandung that you must visit if visiting this flower city.

The Lodge Maribaya Lembang
Lembang area, Bandung is one of the tourist areas of Bandung that presents the natural beauty and cool air.

Lembang area famous when used as a place for filming Petualang Sherina movie in 2000. And, The Lodge Maribaya is a tourist attraction in Bandung Lembang famous for its natural beauty of the opening is very cool and exotic. Therefore, The Lodge Maribaya Bandung became one of the favorite photography spot in Bandung City.

In this one Bandung tour there are various unique and exciting places that you will not encounter in other places such as sky tree, mountain swing and zip bike.

The place of the sky tree is a must-visit place at The Lodge Maribaya Lembang, because it is very instagrammable. The shape is not much different from the existing tree house in Kalibiru, Lembang.

If you want to top the tree house, you will be wearing a safety device to climb the stairs to the tree house which became the most photogenic place to take pictures. Where as, mountain swing is a swing racer that makes you seem to be swinging at an altitude.

Meanwhile, in the zip bike ride you will ride a bike in pairs with a cable above the altitude to pass through the valley with a very beautiful view. Not only the three rides that you can enjoy at The Lodge Maribaya Lembang, this place also provides a land that can be used for camping and outbound.

Upside Down World Bandung
The city of Bandung has many places that become the best photogenic photography spot, one of them is Upside Down World Bandung. This place brings the concept of a house with the situation upside down.

This house consists of several parts such as living room, family room, dining room, bedroom to bathroom. The furniture that is in the house upside is also carrying the local wisdom of Bandung such as music and mural.

With its upset circumstances Upside Down World Bandung to be an interesting place in Bandung that you must visit when visiting the city of Bandung. However, Upside Down World Bandung is a tourist attraction in Bandung West Java that you can access by plunging enough pocket in the hundred thousand rupiah for adults.

Sanghyang Heuleut
Sanghwang Heuleut is a natural tourist attraction in Bandung that has not been touched by many people. Thus, this tourist spot is still so beautiful, not many people and also pollution.

Sanghyang Heuluet is located in Kecamatan Rajamanda Kulon, Cipatat, West Bandung. Actually this tourist spot is a lake surrounded by rock hills. These stone hills make Sanghyang Heuleut not so famous as interesting sights in Bandung and other surrounding areas.

In Sanghyang Heuleut you can swim in a fresh lake, make a camp or just capture the natural beauty by taking pictures. However, there are some tips which you should pay attention to when visiting Sanghyang Heuleut like do not come during the rainy season because the road is slippery and the lake is sure to overflow.

In addition, because it has not been touched by many humans, Sanghyang Heuleut tourist attraction does not have adequate facilities such as public toilets and stalls. Even so once you come to Sanghyang Heuleut, you will not regret it because the landscape is very fascinating.

Keraton Cliffs
Keraton Cliff is a tourist attraction in Bandung that beautiful scenery and cool from the top of the cliff. This tourist attraction is a cheap tourist attraction of Bandung because you only need to spend for eleven thousand dollars

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Lounge Of Indonesia Tourism, Visiting Yogyakarta, it is not complete without visiting this one beach. The iconic beach of Yogyakarta is Parangtritis beach.
Parangtritis beach
Located at the southern tip of Yogyakarta. Precisely located in the district Kretek, Bantul regency. To get there, from downtown Yogyakarta may only take about 1 hour.

To the east of the beach there are also many coral reefs and towering cliffs. Coral and cliffs in the eastern coast of Parangtritis is widely used for photos of the visitors. In terms of culture, you ever heard of the existence of labuhan event in Yogyakarta? Yes the labuhan cultural ritual is performed on this Parangtritis beach.

Parangtritis Beach also has a mystical attraction. It is said that this beach is closely related to the existence of Nyi Roro Kidul. Queen of the south coast ruler.

Interested to visit there? Here are 7 things related Parangtaritis beach you should know.

1. Parangtritis Is The Most Famous Beach In Yogyakarta.
People who have visited Yogyakarta must know the beach Parangtritis. If any of your brothers from outside the area, come to Yogyakarta, usually they also ask to be escorted to this beach.

Similarly, when the day of Parangtritis beach holiday is always crowded with visitors. Why yes Parangtritis beach became the most famous beach in Yogyakarta when there are many other beaches? The reason why the famous Parangtritis beach there are many.

One of them because parangtraitis beach is easily accessible by the tourists. To go to Parangtritis beach, we can use public transportation majors Yogyakarta Parangtritis.

With private vehicles or motorbikes any beach is easily accessible. The road is sloping and the distance is not too far. In contrast to other beaches located in Kulonprogo or Gunungkidul.

The most important reason why Parangtritis is most famous, this beach is the earliest opened for tourist attractions so that the facilities are relatively more complete.

2. Named By Hermit.
Curious why is this beach named Parangtritis beach? The name Parangtritis is given by Dipokusumo. He is an escape from the majapahit kingdom.

He arrived at the quiet, quiet beach and began meditating. When he was meditating he saw water dripping from the crevice. Because of that event the beach is called Parangtritis.

Parangtritis comes from 2 words that is a machete which means coral and tumaritis which means dripping.
There are also stories circulating about the meeting of the south coast queen with the future king of Yogyakarta.

Narrated in the days of majapahit, a woman named Ratna Suwida meditated on the beach with the aim of acquiring knowledge to master Java and the south coast. In the middle of the meeting she met a man of pajajaran origin.

Apparently the man is Ratna Suwida's niece. Because of the beauty of the woman, the man intends to marry her. But because there is still blood relations, Ratna Suwida refused but promised that he will marry all the offspring of the man as long as they can control the land of Java.

Since then the kings of Java married Nyi Roro Kidul. That is the origin of the palace of Yogyakarta has a relationship with the queen Nyi Roro Kidul.

3. Parangtritis Beach Has the Most Malignant Waves in Yogyakarta.
Visitors who travel to the beach Parangtritis generally get a warning not to bathe at certain moments and in certain locations as well.

Parangtritis beach waves are notoriously big. At certain times the wave height can reach 5 to 7 meters so that spilled up into the parking lot.

The reason why the waves on the big Parangtritis beach is probably because Parangtritis beach is facing directly with the vast ocean, the Indian Ocean.

The wind from across the mainland drove, pushing the waves without a hitch in the slightest. With high-speed wind-driven waves that hit the land so that the wave height reached 5 meters more.

Compare with coastal beaches in other areas that are usually located between 2 islands.

4. Swallowing Many Victims Sink.
Many get visits, event visitors drown also often occurs on the beach Parangtritis. Victims drowned at Parangtritis beach is usually anyone, do not select choose age, not picky gender.

Although there is a SAR team stanby on the site plus a warning board to be careful when playing water on the beach Parangtritis, the death toll from drowning still happens.

Apparently the cause of the number of victims drowned in Parangtritis beach is due to the Rip Current. Rip current is a high-speed backflow to the high seas.

If there are 2 waves coming to the mainland from two different directions, the encounter of 2 currents leads to a backflow going to the middle of the sea at a speed of 80 km / h more.

If there are visitors who are bathing in lauT and happened to be in this waves meeting area, then chances are he will be dragged into the middle and powerless to fight.

5. Many Survivors Sink That Was Hiden By Nyi Roro Kidul.
Any visitors who drown, no matter how hard the effort to search usually the body of the victim was not immediately found that day. The body is usually found to float itself not far from its sinking location.

This pattern then raises the notion that the bodies of victims drowned on the beach Parangtritis hidden and borrowed for a moment by Nyi Roro Kidul.

After being observed, the bodies of the victims drowned in Parangtritis beach is not because it is hidden by Nyi Roro Kidul. The reason is because at Parangtritis beach there are 2 troughs.

The first trough is located in the southern post of the SAR team. While the second is in front of the new terminal area. The trough jutted into the ground at the bottom.

If there are visitors who are dragged by Rip Current, then for a while the position of the victim's body will go into the trough is buried with sand sediment. The body will then be lifted by itself after a while with a change of direction of the waves.

6. Myths Can Not Wear Green Shirt.
Reportedly the queen of southern coast Nyi Roro Kidul really like the color green. In the painting, she is wearing a green shirt.

Therefore visitors Parangtritis as much as possible forbidden to wear green clothes. Afraid if wearing a green shirt, Nyi Roro kidul will love it and make the visitors are servants in the southern coastal kingdom.

Another term visitors with a green shirt will be sunk taken by the queen Nyi Roro Kidul.
Apparently according to the caretaker there is a ban on wearing green shirt is related to the color of sea water on the beach Parangtritis a little greenish.

If visitors wear green clothes, and drowned then the SAR team will have difficulty in searching. The cause is because the color of his dress disguised with the color of the sea water is also green. So the ban on green clothes as favored by Nyi Roro Kidul is just a myth.

7. Parangtritis is the Gate to the Kingdom of Nyi Roro Kidul.
Parangtritis is believed to be a gateway to nature Nyi Roro Kidul. Hence the various ritual offerings are done on the beach Parangtritis and surrounding areas.

Some ritual offerings include labuhan, offerings every night Friday kliwon and activities meditate around Parangtritis beach. Port activities are usually organized by the palace. Some items called ubo rampe will be swept into the sea in this harbor event.

Ubo rampe in question consists of clothing, flowers cotton, hair, nails and many other items. All items are provided by the palace.
Labuhan done every day so the appointment of the king of Yogyakarta.

Labuhan also performed when the king of Yogyakarta has a hajad or want to organize certain events such as marrying his son. Labuhan held in the parepusumo spotted area because in this area is said to be the gateway to the kingdom of Nyi Roro Kidul is located.

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Lounge Of Indonesia Tourism, Dieng Plateau is an active volcanic area in Central Java, which belongs to Banjarnegara and Wonosobo districts. It lies to the west of the complex of Mount Sindoro and Mount Sumbing.
Telaga warna
Dieng has average altitude is about 2,000 m above sea level. Temperatures range from 12-20 ° C in the daytime and 6-10 ° C at night. In the dry season (July and August), temperatures can reach 0 ° C in the morning and create a frost that locals call bun upas ("poison") because it causes damage to crops.

Administratively, Dieng is the area of ​​Dieng Kulon Village, Batur District, Banjarnegara and Dieng Regencies ("Dieng Wetan"), Kejajar District, Wonosobo District. This region is one of the most remote areas of Central Java.

The name Dieng comes from a combination of two Kawi words: "di" meaning "place" or "mountain" and "Hyang" meaningful (Gods). Thus, Dieng means mountainous area where the gods and goddesses dwell.

Another theory states, the name Dieng derived from the Sundanese language ("in hyang") as it was estimated in the pre-Medang era (around the 7th century AD) the area was in the political influence of Galuh Kingdom.

Dieng Plateau (DTD) is a plain with volcanic activity beneath its surface, such as Yellowstone or Tengger Highlands. Indeed, it is a caldera with mountains around it as its edge. There are many craters as a place of exit gas, water vapor and various other volcanic materials.

This situation is very dangerous for the residents who inhabit the area, as evidenced by the calamity gas eruption crater 1979. Not only toxic gases, but also possible earthquakes, mud eruptions, landslides, and floods.

In addition to the crater, there are also volcanic lakes that contain water mixed with sulfur so have a typical greenish yellow color. Biologically, volcanic activity in Dieng is interesting because it is found in hot water near the crater of several species of thermophilic bacteria ("hot") that can be used to reveal the early life on earth.

The active crater at Dieng is a crater for volcanic activity under the highlands. Activity monitoring was conducted by PVMBG through Dieng Observation Post in Central Karang Subdistrict.
Here are the monitored active craters:
*. Candradimuka
*. Sibanteng
*. Siglagah
*. Sikendang, potentially poisonous gas
*. Sikidang
*. Sileri
*. Sinila, potentially poisonous gas
*. Weigh, potentially poisonous gas

Sibanteng Crater
Sibanteng is located in Dieng Kulon Village. This crater had erupted phreatic in January 2009 (15/1), causing Dieng tourist area must be closed several days to anticipate the occurrence of gas poisoning disaster.

The eruption of the mud is heard up to 2 km, destroying the forest owned by Perhutani in the vicinity, and causing landslides that stem the Kali Putih, the Sungai Serayu. Sibanteng Crater once erupted in July 2003.

Sikidang Crater
Sikidang is a crater in the most popular DTD visited by tourists because it is most easily achieved. This crater is famous for its gas exit hole is always moving in a large area. It is from this character that his name is derived because the locals see him moving like a deer (kidang in Javanese).

Sileri Crater.
Sileri is the most active crater and has erupted several times (based on notes: 1944, 1964, 1984, July 2003, and September 2009). At the last phreatic activity (September 26, 2009) appeared three new crater slits accompanied by a beam of material as high as 200 meters.

Sinila Crater
Sinila is located between Batur Village, Sumberejo Village, and Pekasiran Village, Batur District. Sinila Crater once erupted on the morning of 1979, exactly 20 February 1979.

The quake caused residents to run out of the house, but they were trapped by poison gas that came out of the crater Weigh caused by Sinila eruption. A number of residents (149 people) and livestock were killed by carbon dioxide gas toxicity released and spread to residential areas.

Weigh Crater
Weigh is a crater located near Sinila and moderate activity. Although less active, this crater is a highly concentrated source of CO 2 gas that killed hundreds of victims in 1979.

This last crater recorded an increase in activity in May 2011 by spraying white smoke as high as 20 meters, removing CO2 in concentrations exceeding the safe threshold (1,000 ppm, the normal concentration in air approaches 400 ppm) and gives rise to volcanic earthquakes.

On May 31, 2011 morning, this crater again releases CO 2 gas up to 9 1% v / v (100,000 ppm) accompanied by tremor earthquake. As a result all activities within a radius of 1 km is prohibited and residents of Dusun Simbar and Dusun Serang are evacuated.

*. Mount Sumbing (3,387m)
*. Mount Sindoro (3,150m)
*. Mount Prahu (2.565m)
*. Mount Pakuwaja (2,595m)
*. Mount Sikunir (2,463m), tourist attractions at wisata wonosobo, near Sembungan.

Vulcanic Lake
*. Telaga Warna, a tourist attraction with a place of nearby persemadian
*. Telaga Cebong, near the tourist village of Sembungan
*. Telaga Merdada
*. Lake Pengilon
*. Dringo Lake
*. Telaga Nila

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Lounge Of Indonesia Tourism, Indonesia has a variety of outstanding natural beauty that is not owned by other countries. One of them, who can you make this year's holiday destination is Toba Lake.

As a Tourist destination Toba Lake is located in the mountains of Bukit Barisan, North Sumatra. The extent of 1,145 square kilometers makes it the largest lake southeast asia and an area larger than Singapore [716 km].

Toba lake
Toba lake
As a Tourist attractions Toba Lake is also the largest lake in the world that is formed from volcanic eruptions, and on the Guinness World list Records.

Background for Toba Lake is formed due to volcanic eruptions which spewed 2,800 cubic miles of eruption material, so making the crater slowly filled with water into the lake.

In the middle of Toba Lake there is an island called Samosir. Island If it is close to the vastness of the country of Singapore and has some villages with amazing natural attractions, such as mountains and waterfalls.

Samosir Island and Lake Toba are the heart and the village pages from the Batak Tribe. You can also feel the hospitality the villagers are well aware of their culture.

If you travel to Toba Lake from April to August, chances are you will be able to witness the festivities and rituals
Traditional of the Batak Tribe ceremony is a party of the Lake Society Toba, and also the best tourist attractions.

The ceremony was held to remember the ancestors likes the Batak by featuring singing, sporting events, and Batak dance called Tor Tor.

As for lodging in Toba Lake, you do not have to worried, because there are many resorts, hotels, and ordinary inns each of which offers superb views.

Other tourist activities on Toba Lake you can do at between: Tuktuk Siadong-Adong Village, visit to Historic sites (Tomb of King Sidabutar), see the community locally planted rice, and saw people's homes with Gorga Batak.

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Lounge Of Indonesia Tourism, For those of you who visit the island resort of Bali, please also visit the historic place. Besides, known for its natural beauty, Bali Island also presents historic tours and known as the best tourist attraction. One of them is often visited is Tampaksiring Palace.
Tampak siring palace
Tampak Siring Palace
Tampaksiring Palace has become one of the historical heritage of Indonesia's first president, Ir. Soekarno. In addition, Tampaksiring Palace until now also still functioned as the location of state events.

In fact, not infrequently this place is also used as the location of the presidential meeting with his ministers.

The history of Tampaksiring Palace
The palace that was built after Indonesia's independence was initiated by President Ir. Soekarno. He wanted a cool and peaceful place for a suitable retreat for the head of state and his family and for the guests of the country.

So in Tampaksiring is a suitable place for the palace buildings. The architect is R. M. Soedarsono, then this palace was built with several stages. First built in 1957 until finally completed in 1963.

With a total of four buildings it makes Tampaksiring is the best tourist attraction, namely the Country Guest house, Bima guest house, Yudhistira guest house and Country house. Tampaksiring Palace is built on an altitude of 700 m above sea level.

Entering the palace gate, you will be greeted with deer that are benign and can be fed. Simply take the leaves that are available in the palace, then call the deer, then by itself the deer come.

Going forward we will find the great hall. Not far from the big hall, there is an independent homestead that has an area of ​​1200 meters as the bedroom Ir. Soekarno, the family guests and also the number one work place in Indonesia.

Entered again there is a country house, between the two houses there is a bridge of friendship that lead us to the bedroom Ir. Soekarno.

In this country house where the president entertains his guests. There is another Yudhistira guest house used for the president's guest entourage. For Bima guest house itself is usually used to stay the presidential guards.

Mystery Palace Tampa Siring.
According to room story Ir. Soekarno is often cleaned every morning because m always messy in the morning as used up.

In fact, the room was not used by anyone. Another case with the statue of a small child who was pulling a thorn in one of his legs. Reportedly, the feet raised by the statue often move legs but with the same style, from left to right or vice versa.

Legend of Tampaksiring Palace
Tampaksiring Palace is actually a combination of two Balinese words, namely Tampak which means palm and Siring means tilted.

That said, according to the legend that was written in palm leaves Bali usana and trusted there, Tampaksiring is the footprint of a king named Mayadenawa.

Mayadenawa is a very smart king. Unfortunately, Mayadenawa is a king who is angry. Consider himself a god and tell his people to worship him like a god. Batara Indra was angry and sent his army to pursue Mayadenawa.

Mayadenawa ran into the forest by tilting the soles of his feet to intrigue his pursuers. He hopes Batara Indra's army can not recognize the soles of his feet.

Unfortunately, his pursuers were able to catch him. Previously with the rest of his magic, he managed to create a poisonous spring to kill the pursuer while drinking the springs.

To that end, Batara Indra created a poison spring named Tirtal Empu which means holy water. Forest area is then called Tampaksiring.

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Lounge Of Indonesia Tourism, The story of the giant creature as long as it is indeed considered only the fabled course. But what about the mystery of Tapaktuan in Aceh? Yes, a site was found in the rocks overlooking the Ocean off in South Aceh.

On top of the rock there is a former giant footprint are not known where it came from.
Quoted from various sources, this giant footprints became popular after a photo spread on social media. The picture is clearly visible the size of a very large footprint and this is why Tapaktuan became a tourist attraction.

Allegedly, Tapaktuan is indeed an area that is known to have a lot of interesting history wrapped in legend. The name also cannot be separated from the master of the legend of Tapa with two giant dragons.

It is told in ancient times the life of a hermit named Milky Sheikh is hosting a very obedient Tapa on God. In the story there are two different versions.

Some people believe that the master of the Tapa has the body of a giant. While others believe, he is a normal human with normal size but have the magical power to transform themselves into large or giant.

One day there were two giant dragons from China found the baby girl drifting in the middle of the sea and finally they took care of him until adulthood.

The parents of the baby happens to be is the King of the Kingdom of Asralanoka. They eventually learned that her daughter was still alive and were in the hands of two giant dragons.

Hence, they request the return of his daughter who later rejected the Dragon. They then take a run and thus enrages the Dragons.

They were chasing each other by that time in the middle of the ocean until somewhere Hermitage of the master of the Tapa. Sure, the master of the Tapa was troubled and jumping from a mountain Cliff toward the beach.

A trail that's what is believed to be a former Host footprint throw myself from the moment the Tapa mount. Long story short, the master of the Tapa can beat two giant dragon and daughters then went back to the arms of his family.

But they did not return to the Kingdom, but settled in Aceh. In addition to the giant footprint, not far from there, there is a rock in the middle of the sea that is believed to be the master of the skullcap Tapa is now the stones.

That skullcap regardless when the fight happened. Stick to the stone was also there. Even a five kilometers from there is no coral heart-shaped corals in the village of black rock and Dragon scales on the Red Rock village.

According to the story, it is the former body piece Dragon defeated males fight. Supposedly, this place is also considered sacred by local people.

Believe it or not, at the time of tsunami in 2004 earlier, Tapaktuan district not too crushed because the surf is stuck and ' split ' by coral spot footprints. Well, the curious with the feet?
Just come to the Tapaktuan, South Aceh. Because this place is not just amaze you but manages to hypnotize foreign tourists and this is the best of tourist destination.